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Flexible Cloud

Flexible Cloud Servers give you instant access to resources built for your specific needs. Whether it is a single cloud server, or multiple cloud server nodes, you have a pool of resources available to you to create as many servers as you need. Easily support new application, business websites, or cloud infrastructure. Flexible Cloud Servers give you a new way to manage your servers and put you in complete control. Better yet, you have advanced reliability and guaranteed performance to give your end-users the best experience possible.

Plans and Availability


10 GB

256 MB

1500 GB

1 VM

1 EA

$10.00 / month

Enterprise Ready

  • Always SSAE16 Type II Compliant
  • /
  • 100% Canadian
  • /
  • Enterprise Grade Infrastructure
  • /
  • 100's of Templates
  • /
  • No Contacts,Ever

Easy to Setup and Online in Minutes

With Flexible Cloud VMs, we will have your new servers online within 5 minutes. With your Flexible Cloud VM pool of resources, you can quickly create up to 8 VMs, choose from 100's of preset templates and save your custom image for easy future deployment.

Enhanced Security

Ensure that only authorized traffic is sent to your server with multi-layered protection including hypervisor security features and anti-sniff/anti-spoof firewalls defenses on all servers.

Highly Available Servers

Canadian Cloud Hosting Servers are build on self-healing architecture and use automatic hypervisor failover to keep your server online. With Cloud VM Servers you have multiple levels of redundancy and true high availability and server resilience.

Faster than Fast

Our Cloud Storage arrays are powered with a combination of RAID10 and RAID50 disks that ensure your data is safe and quickly accessible. With backup technology from R1Soft and Veeam backups are easier than ever.

Managed Support

Managed Support even for the expert, there can be a time when a little extra assistance is needed. With managed support starting as low as $20/M, you can hire us to help manage your server including hardening and optimization

Complete Control

Whether it is a pool of resources, or a single server, you can manage all of yoru resources in a simple yet powerful control panel. You get root access and can assign your resources based on your needs.

Images and Templates

Every server comes with pre-configured OS environments including Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian and many more that can be used to quickly load up and load down your nodes.

Moving to the cloud is easy.

Receive 24/7 premium support at no additional cost. Our customer experience team is here to assist you every step of the way – we help identify the right solution, consult and provide expedited priority support. Get started today!

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