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Openstack Public Cloud

Fully managed virtual services and solutions.

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Looking to run a cluster of Virtual Machines with internal IPs out of the box, with the ability to use automated deployment solutions like ansible, puppet, chef, and more to create and manage multiple servers? Our Openstack offering provides you with full access to an Openstack tenant, to boot up multiple servers at anytime, attach additional storage, and manage this all via our GUI, or Openstack CLI/API.

Full root access
High availability
Private Internal Network
Attachable virtual drives
Choice of operating system
Hourly rates
vCPU RAM Storage Linux Hourly Cost
Standard.1 1 Core 512 MB 10 GB $0.01 /Hour
Standard.2 1 Core 1 GB 20 GB $0.02 /Hour
Standard.3 1 Core 2 GB 30 GB $0.03 /Hour
Standard.4 2 Core 2 GB 30 GB $0.04 /Hour
Standard.5 2 Core 4 GB 40 GB $0.05 /Hour
Standard.6 4 Core 4 GB 50 GB $0.08 /Hour
Standard.7 2 Core 8 GB 50 GB $0.12 /Hour
Standard.8 4 Core 8 GB 50 GB $0.14 /Hour
Standard.9 4 Core 12 GB 50 GB $0.19 /Hour

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