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Configuration: Flexible Cloud





Disk Size [GB]

IP Addresses

Backup space [GB]

Bandwidth [GB]

Tier 1 Management

Tier 2 Management

cPanel License

Plesk Control Panel License

Softaculous for cPanel

MS SQL Server 2012 Web Edition

MS SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

MS SQL Server 2014 Web Edition

MS SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition

Enterprise Email Box - 5GB

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Malware Monitoring and Removal

Barracuda Enterprise Anti-spam Filtering

R1Soft Backups 50GB

R1Soft Backups 100GB

R1Soft Backups 150GB

R1Soft Backups 200GB

.com .net .org
.ca .co.uk

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Description Price
Toronto Flexible Cloud VMs - Flexible Cloud $9.95 CAD Monthly
CPUs Free
RAM [MB] Free
Disk Size [GB] Free
IP Addresses Free
Backup space [GB] Free
Bandwidth [GB] Free
Total Recurring:

$9.95 CAD Monthly

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