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Cloud Load Balancer

Distribute your workload and balance it between two or more cloud servers!

By using Canadian Cloud Hosting’s load balancers on top of your Elastic or Flexible clouds, you can shape your infrastructure to allow it to handle activity spikes when they occur and better optimize your resources to minimize response time.

Choose between Toronto, ON or Vancouver, BC load balancers, depending on where your cloud servers are, and the load balancers will handle high traffic, sudden request spikes, and allow guaranteed service continuity.

Get started instantly with Canadian Cloud Hosting’s load balancers today for just $30/month!

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Load balancers for your Flexible or Elastic clouds includes:

Dedicated IP address

Each load balancer launched through Canadian Cloud Hosting’s panel is assigned a dedicated IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use. Your websites and applications hosted on any associated Elastic or Flexible cloud server will point towards this IP address.

Easy configuration

Easily configure your load balancers through the control panel and deploy with just a few clicks.

Supports HTTP, HTTPS, and TCP protocols

Configure your load balancers for the most common protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, TCP).

Scalable, on-demand traffic control

Load balancers allow you to manage spikes in traffic so that your websites and applications are not affected and you don’t lose sales and customers. They help maximize performance and minimize overload for a seamless customer experience. Set it up with either a Flexible or Elastic cloud in the same location and traffic will be distributed evenly across your servers automatically.

Moving to the cloud is easy.

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