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Security Architecture

With Canadian Cloud Hosting’s “defense in depth” approach, our cloud environment is protected by multiple security measures – including securing physical equipment, cloud resources and customer data. We’ve worked with Fortune 1000 companies, and leading IT auditing firms to validate and ensure our systems are ready to support businesses inside and outside of Canada.

Network Security

Canadian Cloud Hosting has established a robust security perimeter around our cloud environment that ensures data integrity and complete isolation.

The Canadian Cloud Hosting environment is built on the premise of maintaining complete separation and isolation of virtual machine and the hypervisor operating systems. This approach is significantly more reliable when compared to other services that share core OS and virtual machine components. As part of this, each server is protected by Canadian Cloud Hosting’s proprietary Customer Privacy Module (CPM) that has three primary security functions:

  • Private VLANs: CPM isolation ensures every user is secure in their own section of the cloud. Canadian Cloud Hosting gives you the security of a private VLAN system with less overhead.
  • Secure VLAN Sharing: CPM enables secure sharing of VLANs among multiple virtual machines, managing multiple VLANs in the cloud and their assigned IPs.
  • CPM firewall: CPM integrates firewall security that integrates anti-spoofing and anti-sniffing firewall technology that is built into the hypervisor and ensures that other VMs cannot interact with other virtual machines or their data.

Canadian Cloud Hosting’s network perimeter also includes Datacenter Intrusion Detection and Protection devices that detect attacks and utilizes prevention features that screen incoming/outgoing traffic for potential attacks. This protection is available data center-wide, and is implicitly enabled. We also provide customers with Riverbed Web Application technology and other security servers for additional protection.

Firewall Security

The Canadian Cloud Hosting integrates four layers of firewall protection. This includes firewalls on the network, hypervisors and firewalls on individual virtual machines. You can also extend firewall capabilities with additional firewalling within your virtual machine layer.

Account Security

Canadian Cloud Hosting provides customers with role-based access that can be configured after the account has been created. Through the management panel, users can set authentication and authorization permissions set explicitly per resource type. Users access the Control Portal with a username and password. All actions performed by users through the Control Portal — such as provisioning servers, adding public IP addresses and powering-on a server — are logged and auditable. These logs are never deleted, and customers can view access logs on an entity by entity basis.

Physical Security

Each Tier 3 data center is housed within private, caged enclosures. Entry to the data center premises requires an electronic proximity key card. Data center facilities are staffed 24x7x365 and monitored by cameras. An electronic proximity card control portal, biometric scan, and onsite data center personnel provide additional security inside the facility. Only Tier 3 authorized staff are allowed access to the private cage enclosure and they access physical hosts via two factor VPN authentication (SSH or RDP Access with Local administrator/root account and password required). All access is logged in both the control panel and the ticketing system.

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