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Client Spotlight

Canadian Cloud Hosting is proud to host 100,000’s of domains globally and are happy to share testimonials from customers on their positive experiences with our teams.

Here is what they have to say:
Thanks from our Customers

"Hello Thomas, Thank you very much. I appreciate you solving the issue."
"Rock and roll. Thanks for the prompt service. My client cannot afford to have a glitch in his email service or to have an issue with the CNAME setup, and you were able to flip the switch without the slightest hiccup in our service. AWESOME! Thanks so much!!"
"Hi guys,

I just felt compelled to write you a quick message of thanks and support! I have moved from host to host over the past 5 years looking for someone who would provide the kind of support I needed... and OH MY GOD do you guys ever come-through!

I have never been happier with the diversity of features in my account, the ease of setup, and the instantaneous response I get from your phone-support service.

I could not be happier! I hope you guys eventually rule the world because you truly deserve it!

Please feel free to use this comment in any of your advertising because it is absolutely meant from the heart from a VERY satisfied customer!

Best wishes,"
"Thank you very much. It is working now. We have been a client of Canadian web hosting for a long time and will continue to do so as our contract is ending because we really appreciate the tech service you guys offer. "
"Hi Smisha!!! That was a great response. Thanks. You are awesome!! Works great now. Now I know exactly what I need to do, and you've been a great help. Cheers!!"

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