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Client Spotlight

Canadian Cloud Hosting is proud to host 100,000’s of domains globally and are happy to share testimonials from customers on their positive experiences with our teams.

Here is what they have to say:
Thanks from our Customers

"You guys are simply wonderful! Thank you for the thorough solution. "
"Thank you Ray, that will imporove things considerably.

Your guys are always the best at support and prompt customer service. "
"Hi Randy, Thanks for your help. This worked fine. I noticed your entry in the .htaccess folder, I guess this is where all the magic happens. Thanks, "
"Hi awesome folks at Canadian Webhosting/iDigital, I did get the emails telling me my account is set up. Apologies I can't call back at the moment. Hectic here at work. BTW, you were highly recommended to me by 2 colleagues. Says you guys are amazing, knowledgeable and very helpful. I know that seems vague but I thought you might want to know.\ Thanks for the follow up."
Honey Mae Caffin
"Fantastic! Thanks so much for the instructions, which were super-easy to follow and worked perfectly. Fabulous customer service - thank you!"

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