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Client Spotlight

Canadian Cloud Hosting is proud to host 100,000’s of domains globally and are happy to share testimonials from customers on their positive experiences with our teams.

Here is what they have to say:
Thanks from our Customers

"Hello, Thx for your great support and description about my website error And this is the reason I introduce your webhosting to anyone that want to buy a good hosting in Iran"
"As a freelance consultant I spend significant periods of time travelling sometimes even abroad and for some reason is when I?m not home when things need to be done and something gets on the way to delay things. Fortunately when it comes to providing web hosting services to my clients I have Canadian Web Hosting to back me up and help me every step of the way when a compliance issue or any other issue gets on my way. They understand my needs and my Client?s needs and get out of their way to provide top notch customer support. I recommend CWH to be your Web hosting provider, You will never be disappointed. Tony CWH CEO makes sure things roll on wheels for you, and his team make every effort possible to deliver high quality service that at the end results in a great customer experience for both you and your clients."
"Perfect, thanks for your help Sandeep. That saved me a lot of headache going back and forth trying things myself. Once I perfect the createacake site I will follow your suggestions for the next one and contact you if I have any questions. Regards,"
"Thank-you so much! You guys have been great! Makes me so glad I chose your company! "
"Bless you! This is exactly what I have been searching for for three days -- it works like a charm! I can change databases easily now. Many, many thanks to you and your team for spending time on this. Your level of customer care is appreciated."

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