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Client Spotlight

Canadian Cloud Hosting is proud to host 100,000’s of domains globally and are happy to share testimonials from customers on their positive experiences with our teams.

Here is what they have to say:
Thanks from our Customers

"Hi support, I have to say, I'm really happy with the speed and efficiency of your support team. Thank you very much for your help!"
"Thank you Priya, Sean, Alex and the whole CWH team.

I've just updated my nameserver information and am happily waiting for those changes to take effect.

A quick note: Unlike other hosting options, I am always happy when CWH suggests a fix (or accepts a suggestion) that isn't full of "What if?... or try that for awhile and call us back." I am very pleased that once I showed my results from Traceroute - that your team quickly suggested to switch servers - I've had to struggle for weeks with other hosts and fiddle with this or fiddle with that setting. Instead - your team uses an approach that I like very much when troubleshooting in the year 2011 - don't try and hunt the tiny little glitch or preference that somehow got corrupted/changed or simply stopped working, Start Fresh. I much prefer this method, it gets everyone back up and running faster and with fewer frustrations for everyone involved. I've been a happy customer for many years now and this most recent support call only strengthens my appreciating for your hosting services. Thanks again for the great service! "
"Thank you so much!! Things seem to be working perfectly now, and I am receiving emails. You guys are so quick and helpful! Thanks again! "
"Thanks Jeffery, Works like a charm! :-)"
"Thank you for your good professional work. I am with you and recommend Canadian Web Hosting to everyone. I would like to encourage you to keep these high standards in the future"

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