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Cloud DNS Manager

Our Cloud DNS Manager service provides a low-latency and resilient service that is fully integrated within the Canadian Cloud Hosting platform. We ensure the best application performance for you without the hassles and costs of managing your own DNS infrastructure. Get instant access to (checkmarks):

User-friendly interface
Create zones and domain name records
Pre-made DNS templates
List, add, modify, and remove domains and subdomains
Easy setup wizard
Import and export domains and records
Number of Domains
Managed DNS 1
Manage up to 1 domain
$3.00/ year
Managed DNS 5
Manage up to 5 domains
$12.00/ year
Managed DNS 10
Manage up to 10 domains
$20.00/ year
Managed DNS 25
Manage up to 25 domains
$45.00/ year
Managed DNS 350
Manage up to 350 domains
$200.00/ year


24/7/365 Support

Get phone or email support any time or add Managed Support to your service to get help with running your cloud operations.


Canadian Cloud Hosting DNS can be added to your cloud account and is compatible with all of our cloud services, including our SSD Cloud, Flexible Cloud, and Private Cloud.

Reliable Uptime

Our DNS Service is built in the cloud and is designed to have the highest possible uptime.

Flexible DNS

Create a wide range of record types such as CNAME, A, NS, MX, TXT, and PTR instantly with the ability to add, modify, and remove domains as needed.

Moving to the cloud is easy.

Receive 24/7 premium support at no additional cost. Our Customer Experience team is here to assist you every step of the way; we help identify the right solution and provide expedited priority support.

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